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We Are Community in Solidarity

We are an intersectional coalition for mass action  advancing an integrity driven pandemic response. We are dedicated to collective liberation from inequitable, immoral COVID policies.

“If we're not thinking about the idea of collective liberation in all of our activism, then what are we doing?” -Terri Wilder

We are the victims of the moral failure of the current COVID pandemic policy:

  • the COVID concerned

  • the medically vulnerable, the immunocompromised, the disabled

  • the 23+ millions who have Long COVID 

  • marginalized populations experiencing further inequities created and revealed by the pandemic

  • parents of school children who are in danger from repeat COVID infections and must be given safe classrooms

  • front line workers experiencing high risk exposures

  • seniors who are most often at the mercy of others for care

  • the loved ones of the 1.2 million who have died of COVID since 2020 



  • We seek to strategically reach out to politicians and persons or organizations of influence who can shift with helpful information through creative mass action.


  • We are dedicated to grassroots groundwork to create an intersectional coalition representing the COVID community at large who will help us develop our message and assist us to build a mass action-based membership.


  • We seek to provide creative, empowering public education. We are convinced vital life saving information has been withheld from the public. 

  • We seek to unify the intersectionality existing in our community, championing equitable treatment for all and social justice.


  • We act because we cannot continue this unsustainable public health disaster in silence.

Image by Forest Simon

Mass Disabling Event 23M & Counting Ignored

  • Up to 23M+ have developed Long COVID & still counting

  • 5% of the adult population is struggling with activity limitations 

  • 2/3rd's don't return to baseline health

  • 85% still had symptoms at 12 months

  • 1/3 with Long COVID are not recovering

  • Up to 4M+ out of workforce

  • The disabled, unable to work require disability

  • No Cure

Image by Önder Örtel

Medically Vulnerable Abandoned

  • Medical facilities not safe.

  • Hospitals not safe.

  • Dentist office not safe.

  • Working conditions not safe.

  • Grocery stores not safe.

  • Necessary health screenings not safe.

  • Many medically vulnerable have been in shelter in place for almost 4 years because COVID infections can be even more dangerous for them.


Call to ACtion

  • We call for a common sense science-based, equity-minded pandemic response to include practicable, sustainable prevention and mitigation that is concerned with safety of all.

  • We call for truth in action. A forthright and intellectually honest public health response from the CDC, the White House COVID Response Team, Health and Human Services, the FDA, and directly from POTUS that focuses on the humanity of community, community preparedness, prevention and pandemic "disaster relief" with honest, concise up to date science-based information and directives. 

  • We call for equity driven practices to include inclusive representation of all impacted by the COVID pandemic: our children; our elders; the medically vulnerable; the socio-economically marginalized; the most impacted, our BIPOC populations. 


  • We call for an honorable public health response. Public health education that focuses on shifting current paradigms of responsibility towards common goals, common needs, empathy & care for all. Talking points must align with most current to date science based information and corrected as needed as new information is generated. 


  • We envision elevating and amplifying voices of concern through en masse grassroots political and social action.

  • We envision honest, common sense, equitable, science-based pandemic public health policies. 

  • We envision advancing expert voices grounded in science-based knowledge, research and best practices.

  • We envision building bridges by seeking to address common concerns with mutual respect.

  • We envision a national pandemic response that addresses the cross section of pandemic related issues including safety,

  • mitigation, BIPOC related equity issues, and the plight of the medically and socioeconomically marginalized, which must include

  • victims of Long COVID.

  • We envision a worldwide pandemic response that addresses the concerns of the most vulnerable among us with acknowledgment

  • that we are all valuable and interconnected.

  • We envision a morally appropriate pandemic response. 


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