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Statement On Current State of Affairs 


  • We disagree with the government’s decision to attempt to “Return to Normalcy” while still in the middle of a raging pandemic.


  • There is no hint of "Return to Normalcy" for those physically and financially disabled by Long COVID, the medically vulnerable, socioeconomically marginalized, the disabled, our children and our BIPOC and disability communities experiencing further inequities created and revealed by the pandemic. There is a only pretense of "Return to  Normalcy" for  those who ignorantly feel invulnerable.

  • We are in a moral free fall where a “you do you” mindset has gained authority of our pandemic public health response.

  • Public discourse has been contaminated by misinformation from governments, some medical professionals and political and citizens’ organizations who have all corrupted reality and perspective.  

  • Endless pandemic cycles are driven by the perceived best interests of corporate entities allowed to define public health policies.

  • Our government officials should heavily consider the role they are playing by pushing forth a public health model of eugenicide and social murder. 

Policy Platform




  • ​A common sense, science-based, equity-minded pandemic response to include practicable, sustainable prevention and mitigation that is concerned with safety of all.


  • Free, effective and attainable vaccine choices to include alternatives to mRNAs such as protein based vaccines like Novavax and pursuance of sterilizing vaccinations. Honest public assessment of vaccine efficacy, limitations and injury. 


  • A public acknowledgment that the Vaccine Only approach is ineffective and public endorsement of a layered approach for protection and mitigation that’s based on SARS-CoV-2’s airborne mode of transmission.

  • Public acknowledgment of the vast and devastating impact of Long COVID on a personal and societal level. Recognition that Long COVID is fueled by transmission and repeat infections, therefore transmission must be mitigated. As of March 2022, the U.S. Government Accountability Office estimates up to 23 million  people in the US have Long COVID. The government must acknowledge this Mass Disabling Event and dedicate consequential funding toward research for a cure in addition to disability support and reparations for victims. 

  • Free, attainable public health protections, aka “the tools,” including but not limited to NIOSH approved respirator use in public spaces and most assuredly in medical facilities and public transportation; access to proper ventilation/air filtration; access to free, attainable updated PCR tests and updated home antigen tests; proper quarantine time with paid sick leave; updated antivirals, treatments for immunocompromised and an unfeigned search for better accessible tools for all.  

  • An equity-based pandemic response focusing on equalizing access to prevention and care, taking socio-economic needs fully into account.

  • A global pandemic response to address rampant viral replication and its impact worldwide, working with ethically minded nations to end the COVID pandemic while supporting third world countries who cannot do this on their own. 


  • Public acknowledgement and correction of eugenicist rhetoric and practices calling for herd immunity as well as propagating the belief that COVID "only kills people with preexisting conditions: the elderly, disabled, the obese, the diabetic, people with lung or cardiovascular disease, often repeated as, 'the elderly and the immunocompromised." In other words, we have no "obligation to keep those people alive — indeed, that we should let nature takes its course.” - U.S. Mishandling of COVID Echoes the 20th Century Eugenics Movement, by Knute Berger, Crosscut, December 1, 2020



  • A forthright and intellectually honest public health response from the CDC, the White House COVID Response Team, Health and Human Services, the FDA, and directly from POTUS that focuses on the humanity of community, community preparedness, prevention and pandemic "disaster relief" with honest, concise up to date science-based information and directives. Talking points must align with most current to date science based information and corrected as needed as new information is generated.  

  • Transparent and accurate COVID data and science based public pandemic education utilizing the bully pulpit in addition to social, broadcast and print media.        


  • Honest, trustworthy accounting of transmission levels, death rates and PASC (post-acute sequelae of COVID-19). The People have a right to know.

  • A willingness for POTUS and staff, the White House COVID Response Team, the FDA and the CDC to fully address misinformation and disinformation, some originating directly from the POTUS and staff, and heads of each department and organization.


EQUITY driven​ practices 

  • Public recognition and resolve from our government and public health institutions concerning the human catastrophe, personal and societal risks of Long COVID, including the financial, social, personal costs of living with Long COVID. An estimated 23M have developed Long COVID.

  • Initiate a Ryan White Care Act for Long COVID to include all post acute viral related illnesses such as MECFS and Long SARS.  

  • Safe haven medical venues, hospitals, pharmacies, schools, public transport where public health protections, including but not limited to NIOSH approved respirator use as well as upgraded ventilation/air filtration must be required.

  • A socio-economic equitable pandemic response to include access to preventative measures, medical treatment, and paid sick leave. 

  • Inclusive representation of all impacted by the COVID Pandemic.




  • T​​​​he establishment of a National COVID-19 Advisory Committee. This board will include scientists, researchers, medical professionals who are informed by the latest research and unassociated with influencing campaigns; people living with Long COVID; people who’ve lost loved ones to COVID; people in marginalized populations experiencing further inequities created and revealed by the pandemic; and the medically vulnerable, immunocompromised, disabled who’ve no safe access to medical care, many in their 3rd year of shelter in place. *See our detailed list of misinformation and disinformation circulating in the public arena.

We call for the following litmus tests for all public health leaders &/or policy makers:

1- A rejection of droplet dogma, 2- A call for layered, mode-congruent NPIs like NIOSH PPE mandates in public places, 3- SARS2 free: schools, healthcare (including dental, hospitals, LTACs, PT, OT, outpatient offices, etc), prisons/jails, federal detention facilities, public transportation, & workplaces, 4– A judicious return to WHO standards for containment, namely, restrictions on international travel using quarantines & testing to halt the spread of SARS2 globally, 5- Endorsement of mandatory compliance training for employers, employees, and students nationwide. 6– Mode-congruent (ie airborne) OSHA rules for all workers & students of all ages to prevent worker and student exposure to SARS2, 7– Are in favor of criminal/civil accountability for those who’ve pushed pro-infection policies or guidance or have done so without first providing an individual or the public with full informed consent about the risks of SARS2 viral exposure.

  • Public health education that focuses on shifting current paradigms of responsibility towards common goals, common needs, empathy & care for all. Information will be most current to date science based. 

Preparedness Policies

Reconceptualize the U.S. Government’s Pandemic Playbook to include obvious failures of planning, imagination and willingness to invest in a humane, equitable and effective pandemic response to the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic to include the following:

  • A National Pandemic Advisory Committee, such as the proposed Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy, to be modeled after the aforementioned National COVID-19 Advisory Committee. 


  • Failsafe planning for testing, contact tracing, tracking, quarantine protocols, vaccine development with strict standards for efficacy performance and well-maintained stockpile of medical supplies and devices as well as PPE.


  • Humanitarian containment, mitigation and relief. Disaster relief should be provided to victims of the pandemic to compensate for housing, food, medical care, loss of income.


  • A reasonable framework to address all forms of inequity that have appeared during the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic to include the further marginalization of economic capacity, medical vulnerabilities, age related vulnerabilities, BIPOC inequivalences, and endangerment of essential workers. 

  • A non-partisan post disaster event review committee.


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