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Government's Role in Eugenics and Social Murder

We must Face the infusion of Eugenics in our COVID Pandemic response.

We must have public acknowledgement and correction of "eugenicist rhetoric and practices calling for herd immunity as well as propagating the belief that COVID *only* kills people with preexisting conditions: the elderly, disabled, the obese, the diabetic, people with lung or cardiovascular disease, often repeated as, "the elderly and the immunocompromised." In other words, we have no "obligation to keep those people alive — indeed, that we should let nature takes its course.” 

"If he’s right about that — that our current leadership finds it acceptable to let Americans die in mass numbers — it makes the failure to handle the epidemic negligent at best and a conscious act of negative eugenics at worst. Government officials who have undercut the known public health tactics that work — masks, distancing, shutdowns, quarantines — or who say the disease is nothing but a hoax must be held accountable." 

What is Social Murder and How Does it Apply to Our Current Pandemic?

 "The class which at present holds social and political control places hundreds of proletarians in such a position that they inevitably meet a too early and an unnatural death". This was in a different category to murder and manslaughter committed by individuals against one another, as social murder explicitly was committed by the political and social elite against the poorest in society."

"At the very least, covid-19 might be classified as “social murder,” as recently explained by two professors of criminology.2 The philosopher Friedrich Engels coined the phrase when describing the political and social power held by the ruling elite over the working classes in 19th century England. His argument was that the conditions created by privileged classes inevitably led to premature and “unnatural” death among the poorest classes.3 In The Road to Wigan Pier, George Orwell echoed these themes in describing the life and living conditions of working class people in England’s industrial north.4 Today, “social murder” may describe the lack of political attention to social determinants and inequities that exacerbate the pandemic. Michael Marmot argues that as we emerge from covid-19 we must build back fairer."  

"When politicians willfully neglect scientific advice, international and historical experience, and their own alarming statistics and modelling because to act goes against their political strategy or ideology, is that lawful? Is inaction, action?"

What Do We Do About It?

"The Biden administration’s response to the pandemic will be only as principled and humane as the political consequences that humane, principled people can impose on the administration via collective action. Thus any serious effort at mitigating this catastrophic episode of social murder in the short term can only take as its starting point how large numbers of ordinary people can create serious consequences for those at the heights of power. In the long term, we must find our way to a society that is not fundamentally murderous."

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