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Safety Through Simple Mitigation

Children & Teacher





Grocer & BIPOC Inequities


Multiple Sclerosis


All of Us


Autoimmune Disease

We're in this together.

We chose to be in this together for the love of humanity, our families, our friends, for our own good, for compassion's sake and the good of our souls. It's imperative to put an end to dangerous, continual reinfections with a vascular virus that hits every organ in in the body causing disability and death in the millions. For our children, let's get this done. This isn't a game of survival of the fittest and denial does not save us or our loved ones. This virus requires community based, humanity oriented mitigation. It has been 4 years. Millions of casualties later, here we are.

Governmental policies should reflect equity across the board for all to have access to unbiased, accessible protection from a deadly, disabling pandemic.

We can do this.

We have no vaccine that can control spread or replication. The only way to tame this virus, stop it from spinning off into multitudes of variants constantly circulating is to adopt a layered mitigation protocol together as one united force.  We stop the replication. This only works if we work as a unified force. Please see our COVID Safe Schools page for supporting resources.


  • When we stop dispersing the virus into the air by wearing NIOSH approved N95 respirators we drastically halt the continued creation of a lingering smoke like viral contaminated source of repeated infection thus repeated replication. No respirator, no protection. No respirator, you endanger others and continue the cycle of replication for how many more years?


  • When we clean indoor air using hepa filters and increase ventilation by opening windows, we clear the presence of the of the lingering smoke like viral particles in the air that are the contaminated source of repeat infection thus repeat replication of variants.

  • Social distancing  is made possible by ReduceD density in indoor and outdoor spaces. Reducing density, reduces viral particles in the air. Density can be reduced by reducing crowd size in work spaces and school class rooms. 

  • Vaccination doesn't stop spread. They don't stop COVID from damaging organs, vasculature, your brain, your immune system. They don't stop your 20% risk of developing Long COVID. They don't stop your children from experiencing the same risks. Until our governmental leaders decide to fund and mandate better vaccines, preferably a sterilizing vaccine, vaccines will always be imperfect forms of protection and alone will not keep you safe or slow down this SARS 2 COVID virus. 

  • The government must mandate the development of accurate home based tests and resume free PCR tests and reporting of tests from all 50 states. We determine risk not by hospital beds taken (the green CDC map) rather by transmission rates where we live. We determine infectiousness by tests.


  • Accurate testing lets us know when we are infected and should stay home, quarantine and not expose others while still infectious with government supports in place. 

  • VIRTUAL OPTIONS for workplace, public schools, universities and collages. 

I've got your back.

  • Children.

  • Immunocompromised.

  • Medically vulnerable. 

  • The disabled.

  • The 20% who have and are still developing Long COVID.

  • The immune, brain and organ damaged from COVID.

  • Economically marginalized.

  • Front line workers. 

  • Health care workers.

  • BIPOC communities.

  • Elders.

  • Loved ones and friends.

  • The world.


Love, empathy, and simple morality define us.

Hate, indifference, "you do you," moral decay define us.


We're at a pivotal point in human history.

It won't be forever.

It will be if we continue on the path of unmitigated spread. Holding out for the virus to spawn a friendly variant is a fool's folly. Time is not on our side. Simple common sense mitigation STOPS THE SPREAD which STOPS THE VARIANTS which STOPS MASS DEATH and DISABILITY. We are smarter than this. We are better than this. We begin to end the carnage when we do the right thing, no matter  what our Government tells us. We are smart. We can see the facts in front of us. Continuous repeat infections tell us all we need to know. SARS-CoV-2 has never been just a flu.

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