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 action  CAMPAIGNS

  • We are a collective dedicated to represent the diversity of concerns in the COVID impacted community through home based mass action educational and resistance campaigns through direct mailings, direct communication, electronic communications and creative forms of protest.

  • As a collaborative, communal effort, we create and produce our own ideas and efforts supportively. These efforts may be at local, state or national level.

  • We act consistently, create momentum and we do not give up. 

We are committed to nonviolence.  We are dedicated to thoughtful, respectful engagement as we build, create and work together. We encourage and support each others’ need for self care. Stop. Rest. Pace. We are all sick and tired and in need of human kindness. Be the reason someone feels welcomed, seen, heard, valued, loved and supported. We aspire to place strategic, genuinely felt,  creative resistance personally in the hands of politicians and people of influence. We will repeatedly and consistently surge forward with focused protest campaigns as we spotlight specific needs of our intersectional communities, injustices, human rights infractions and atrocities strategically and unambiguously.


Image by Mike Labrum

Ending Emergency Declaration as Pandemic Rages On

  • 1.1M dead & counting

  • Up to 23M+ have Long COVID & counting

  • Loss of "tools" (monoclonal antibodies, Evusheld, vaccines w/limited efficacy, tests w/minimal reliability)

  • Cost of remaining "tools" make them unattainable to many (vaccines, N95s, testing, air filters)

  • Lying to the American public that the pandemic is over when reality indicates this is far from the truth.

  • Deaths & disability that follow from government sanctioned & promoted harmful behavior are the responsibility of the government.

Image by Forest Simon

Mass Disabling Event 23M & Counting Ignored

  • Up to 23M+ have developed Long COVID & still counting

  • 5% of the adult population is struggling with activity limitations 

  • 2/3rd's don't return to baseline health

  • 85% still had symptoms at 12 months

  • 1/3 with Long COVID are not recovering

  • Up to 4M+ out of workforce

  • The disabled, unable to work require disability

  • No Cure

Image by Önder Örtel

Medically Vulnerable Abandoned

  • Medical facilities not safe.

  • Hospitals not safe.

  • Dentist office not safe.

  • Working conditions not safe.

  • Grocery stores not safe.

  • Necessary health screenings not safe.

  • Many medically vulnerable have been in shelter in place for almost 4 years because COVID infections can be even more dangerous for them.


Biden team eyes end of Covid emergency declaration and shift in Covid team

​"Even as Covid hospitalizations and deaths climb once again, Biden officials privately concede the administration sees dwindling benefits in justifying the continuation of the health emergency — especially for a public that’s largely learned to live with the virus."


“I sometimes underestimate it because I stopped thinking about it, but I’m sure you don’t: We lost 1 — over 1 million people in several years to COVID.” - POTUS ​

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