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Action Campaigns 

  • We are a collective dedicated to home based mass action educational and resistance campaigns through direct mailings, direct communication, electronic communications and creative forms of protest.


  • We address political figures as well as people and organizations with influence who can shift with the right information and with creative mass action.

  • We strategically use surge campaigns where we select an official/politician and repeat this action. 

  • We create momentum and we do not give up.

  • Let's build campaigns that speak to your needs, concerns, fear. Examples of campaigns below.

Examples of campaigns below.  

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Image by Mike Labrum

Ending Emergency Declaration During a Raging Pandemic

  • 1.1M dead & counting

  • Up to 23M+ have Long COVID & counting

  • Loss of "tools" (monoclonal antibodies, Evusheld, vaccines w/limited efficacy, tests w/minimal reliability)

  • Cost of remaining "tools" make them unattainable to many (vaccines, N95s, air filters)

  • Lying to the American public that the pandemic is over when reality indicates this is far from the truth.

  • Deaths & disability that follow from government sanctioned & promoted harmful behavior are the responsibility of the government.

Image by Forest Simon
  • Up to 23M+ have developed Long COVID & still counting

  • 5% of the adult population is struggling with activity limitations 

  • 2/3rd's don't return to baseline health

  • 85% still had symptoms at 12 months

  • 1/3 with Long COVID are not recovering

  • Up to 4M+ out of workforce

  • The disabled, unable to work require disability

  • No Cure

Mass Disabling Event 23M & Counting Ignored

Image by Önder Örtel

Medically Vulnerable Abandoned

  • Medical facilities not safe.

  • Hospitals not safe.

  • Dentist office not safe.

  • Working conditions not safe.

  • Grocery stores not safe.

  • Necessary health screenings not safe.

  • Many medically vulnerable have been in shelter in place for almost 4 years because COVID infections can be even more dangerous for them.


Portrait of a Man

BIPOC Inequities amplified

Man in checkered work shirt holding old leather wallet with just two US dollars - paying d

Economically marginalized abandoned

Image by Richard Stachmann

 279,800 Grieving Children & Counting

Office Conference

Workplace inequities Place Many at Risk

Painted Hands

The Rights of the Child Violated

Image by Tania Fernandez

Responsibility to The People Violated

eugenics word in a dictionary. eugenics concept, definition..jpg

politically Ordained Mass Death & Disability

Image by Brett Jordan

Disinformation Driven Pandemic Response

Educate to Mitigate written on chalkboard.jpg

Simple Common Sense Mitigation abandoned. WHY?

It's always been so simple.

  • Filtered & cleaned air 

  • N95, KN 95, KF 94 Respirators

  • Testing

  • Tracing

  • Quarantine

Death Rate US only.png

The Pandemic is STILL Not Over

Portrait of a sick young african american man in the glasses lying in a white medical ward

Long COVID Disaster

A group of Children students wearing medical masks in the classroom. An Asian woman teache

DavosSafe for Our Children

Paying for Groceries

Essential Workers Put at Risk

Happy Woman

Our Disposable Elders

Image by Ardalan Hamedani

Acceptable Collateral Damage


Your Silence is Your Consent & complicity


Our Disposable Children 

Young hairless cancer survivor head shot portrait, patient profile picture. Serious young

Not worth the effort to Keep Safe

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