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We've Entered Year Five of Unmitigated Pandemic 

Dead and dying still

1.1 + million are dead.
2,200 dying weekly as of March 2023.

270,000+ died by year end 2022.
250,000+ children have lost a parent or a primary caregiver to COVID.

Harmed and Disabled by Long COVID


23 Million + have Long COVID in the US.

7% of the US population have Long COVID.

1 in 5 or 20% of infections results in Long COVID.

38% report no improvement after 22 months.

36% of people with Long COVID unable to return to work.

Infection Rates Still Astronomical


211,388 average new cases weekly as of March 2023 and at significantly under reported numbers.

More about us, our mission and vision.

Woman with Mask

We are committed to nonviolence.  We are dedicated to thoughtful, respectful engagement as we build, create and work together. We encourage and support each others’ need for self care. Honor your energy envelope and remember to Stop. Rest. Pace. We are all sick and tired and in need of human kindness. Be the reason someone feels welcomed, seen, heard, valued, loved and supported. We aspire to place strategic, genuinely felt,  creative resistance personally in the hands of politicians and people of influence. We will repeatedly and consistently surge forward with focused protest campaigns as we spotlight specific needs of our intersectional communities, injustices, human rights infractions and atrocities, strategically and unambiguously.

Helping Hands

We must Face the infusion of Eugenics in our COVID Pandemic response.

What Do We Do About It?

"The Biden administration’s response to the pandemic will be only as principled and humane as the political consequences that humane, principled people can impose on the administration via collective action. Thus any serious effort at mitigating this catastrophic episode of social murder in the short term can only take as its starting point how large numbers of ordinary people can create serious consequences for those at the heights of power. In the long term, we must find our way to a society that is not fundamentally murderous."

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